A Taste of Krabi

Krabi didn’t turn out as expected, however they do say that everything happens for a reason and that was the case for our short time in Krabi. We fell in love with this little pocket of Thailand.


How to get there:

  1. We arrived via ferry from Koh Phi Phi. This took about 2 hours, and cost us 300 baht total for two people. However the good thing to know when arrive at the ferry terminal is which taxi company to go with. DO NOT, go with the taxi company inside, they will try but they are 400 baht, outside on one of the shared shuttle services we only paid 200 baht total into town.
  2. Flying into the airport, we only got a transfer from our hotel to airport, but their private car service was only 500 baht, I am sure you can get it cheaper if you have a local taxi, or bhater it, but we were happy to pay. It takes about 30 -40 minutes depending on the traffic.

Where to Stay?

There is a tourist hot spot right along the beach called ‘Centre Point’, here you will find a few bars, restaurants, and the classic tourist souvenir shops. However facing down the bottom on the bay and around the corner is where I think the action is. You will find at night time that Krabi really comes alive, like most of Thailand. But the streets for the next kilometre is filled with bars with live music, the trees are lit up, there are night markets, food stalls and the place is going off! If you are looking for a point of reference, start at the Mosque, it is stunning at night and if you go left or right from there you will find something.

Anything along this strip would be A-OK to stay on.

Our Accommodation:

We took a break from hostels (thank you universe as blake needed to be near bathroom at all times haha) and we went onto, and searched for last minute deals. I was lucky enough to nab the Ao Nang Miti Hotel. Clean, comfortable and air-con! It was down from AUD$133 to AUD$30 for the nights. It also had a pool. and free continental breakfast in the morning. I would recommend to anyone location in the middle of everything, but not worth AUD$133 a night.

Eat & Drink

We had a quick browse online just 5 minutes before we went out on the town, and found a sports bar called Ricks Bar. A little way out of town (3-5 minutes scooter) but a really nice little bar run by an American Danny, his wife and the cutest, most helpful son. Honestly the decor is simple, but those guys make it so welcoming and it feels like you have come home to friends. The place has a pool table, live sports and a darts board. All you need from a bar really.

If you are looking for something a bit more lively, drive along FIND OUT STREET NAME… you can’t miss the bars, they are everywhere and for some reason Krabi to the pool table capital of Thailand, nearly every bar has one! Easy to meet people. Another popular bar are the reggae bars along the strip, and really cute little shack boutique bars. For those that want to party, never fear there is a Slumber Party Hostel here too, with maybe one of the only pub crawls in Krabi.

For food we ate at a the beachside restaurant FIND OUT NAME, during the day it is consistent, but when we drove past at night it was pumping. For a curry, pad thai and 2 beers it cost us 360baht. Bargain!

The other place we got to eat was a local shop called Mama’s Kitchen, there meals are simple Thail, but the perfect portion size and boy was it yum! For 2 beers, a curry and pad thai it was only about 150 baht, half the price as a tourist restaurant, yahoo!


Insider Tips:

We hired a scooter at our hotel for 250 baht a day (AUD$10). I would recommend, everything is rather spread out over about 5kms along the beach.

Ao Nang is the area along the beach which is the place you want to base yourself. Krabi Town is barren land in my opinion, nothing fun there, a lot of just a local business area.

If you are stuck at the Krabi Airport, instead of just sitting on a seat or the floor, outside terminal 2 there is Coffee Time, cheap beer and food while you wait!

We ended up getting food poisoning in Krabi, but never fear the closest 7/11 has charcoal tablets. Make sure you don’t eat any foods that will upset your stomach even more, try to stick with pineapple and watermelon, and may god be with you! It was horrible!




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