About Me

Welcome to the page of a travelling nomad. Leaving Australia 6 months ago, I live day to day like tomorrow is my last, don’t know what next week will bring and I love every second.

My adventure didn’t start the way I would have liked it. There was no planning, no time for savings, and no plan of attack. It was only 3 weeks prior that I knew I was going to be getting a one-way flight overseas, and my life would completely change. Long story short, my partner got made redundant from his job, and fate then came into play, with a friend of a friend called me one day to offer me a job for the Japan ski season. So I did what anyone would do, said “heck yes” and quit my job.

This blog is about getting off the beaten track, no mainstream tourist bullshit. It is also to see how far my journey will last with less than $4000 in my bank account. How do you ask? Yeah, I have no idea either. I am hoping to stay for free where I can, see how hard it is to get work online, and bloody hustle where I can. This should be a good laugh.

Join me on my travels around the world. See where the world takes me on this crazy journey, what adventures I will find and I hope to see you on the backpacker’s circuit.