Travelling for men and women are very different, we unfortunately don’t have the luck of just relying on our natural good looks and only wearing one pair of underwear for three days. For most women we need to think about our skincare, haircare and even makeup. To help you along your journey, and to know what to bring and what not to, I have listed some of my experiences and how to get your products lasting as long as possible.


Hair Care

*Readers Note: Obviously all our hair types are extremely different, what works my my hair, may not work for the next ladies.My hair has a tendency to adopt the weather, when I am in the cold it is wonderful, bouncy, full, alive! However whenever I ready the heat, I turn into a walking fluff ball, malting everywhere and the only hairstyle possible is the top bun. How do I combat this, well please read below, and keep an open mind to yogurt, I promise it works!

Travelling Hair Care Kits 

Muk Haircare– You can find this at any major hair suppliers or simply order online. It is one of the best travelling hair care kits I have found on my travels by far. The shampoo and conditioner do not dry my hair out and they lasted me for quite a while, however the real standout here is their hair repair treatment. This is a miracle worker, if you have fizzy hair and need to bring it back into line, it works! If you have the driest ends in history, pop that lotion in and it works! Note, it works best when you use it in semi-dry hair.

Deep Muk Travel Pack: $30AUD

Amla Powder

What is Amla powder I hear you say, well aren’t you in for a treat. It is a wondrous fruit that some say have healing powers that reverse the age cycle… ok I am joking, but I feel that it may have that power! This little fruit is packed full nutrients of that help reduce cell damage, not only great for hair and skin, but also help with your bodies health inside and out. The most popular form is powder, I have come across this in any general store in India, if you can’t find at a local store you can order online too. Now I will touch on this in skin care, but this section is all about the hair.

One of the biggest factors that cause your hair to weaken and break is a lack of vitamin C , and one of the easiest ways to replenish your body with this essential vitamin is consuming the magical amla. Some do put the powder into your drink, however I use it as a hair conditioner and boy does it do the trick.

What do I need:

  • 2 tsp amla powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut/ olive oil
  1. Grab a pan, heat the oil and add the two teaspoons of amla powder
  2. Heat the oil until it turns a slightly brown colour
  3. Turn off the heat and set the oil aside to cool
  4. Once the powder has cooled down a bit, place into a bowl
  5. While it is still slightly warm, apply it to your scalp and hair. Massage this into your scalp for about 15 minutes
  6. Once you are done massaging and your hair is fully covered in the amla mix, wait for an extra 30 minutes with the oil in your hair
  7. Wash the oil out with shampoo and cool/lukewarm water

Repeat this three times a week and enjoy the results!

*Please note if you mix with water, it will glug and will not have a nice time getting it out of your hair. I have learnt from experience.