Did you ever think that travel and health were two things that just didn’t go well together? Never fear, I have done the most do’s and must don’ts when it comes to beauty routines and health overseas and hopefully can help make your life a bit easier.

Travelling while you are trying to keep your healthy holiday glow is near impossible, especially if you are a backpacking lady in Asia like myself. The heat, humidity and the dry weather is killer for the complexion, and especially my hair, for those ladies that have their hair curled to perfection, and makeup not melting off their faces well done, I applaud you!  And those people that don’t put on 10kg in Thailand with all that amazing food, how? How I ask! I can most defiantly say I was one of those lucky few that put on weight while travelling, however, that all changed once I arrived in India, the adventure of a lifetime has changed my outlook on eating healthy and exercise completely.

I may not have an into-model worthy hairstyle while I travel, but I have managed to find some super interesting tips from my fellow travellers and the kind locals. And as for exercise, don’t worry I am not an F45 junkie, but I have discovered the amazing benefits and healing powers of yoga. Combined with some tips, a regular exercise I guarantee I will get you a small backpacking glow.